The film follows the construction, eruption, corruption and destruction of the masculine self and other. It investigates the boundaries of masculinity, and the forces that operate on the male body, while borrowing from different cultures and modalities.  The movement language can be traced to traditional forms and concepts integral to martial arts. It translates it into a contemporary individualized expression in different ways, while counterbalancing it with the mundane “every day” gestures of male bonding.

Director of Photography: Ram Shweky

Cast: Uri Shafir, Ofir Yudilevitch

Duration: 22 Min.




Agite y Sirva, Mexico, 2012

FIVC Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Chille, 2012.  + International FIVC tour, Buenos Aires, 2012.

International Screendance Festival, USA, 2012. Winner of Award of Distinction.

Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival, Hong Kong. Winner of Outstanding International Dance Video Award. 2012.

Quinzena de Danza de Almada Festival, Portugal. 2012.

POOL Festival,Berlin, 2012.

Video Movimiento, Colombia, 2012.

Columbus International Film and Video Festival, Ohio USA, 2012. Winner of Honorable Mention Award.

Dance Camera Istanbul, Turkey, 2012.

Dance on Camera Festival, New York, 2013.

NU2 IDN Festival, Barcelona, 2013.

Israeli Contemporary Dance Week, La Mama Theater, New York 2013.

LOIKKA Dance Film festival, Helsinki, 2013.

La Maison, de la cave au grenier, Montreal, 2013.

Dance Camera West, Los Angeles, 2013. Winner of Audience Choice Award. 

In The Palace, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2013. Special Mention. 

Tallahassee International Exhibition, winner of first place, 2013

Danca em Foco, Brazil, 2013

Seret Na, Tel aviv, Israel, 2013

InShadow Festival, Lisbon, 2014

Swiss Dance Collection, Switzerland, 2014

Dance for Reel, Atlanta, Usa, 2014

Rathausplatz Festival, Vienna, 2014-2015

Choreoscope Festival, Barcelona, 2015

Acco Theater Festival, Acco, Israel 2016

Ignite Festival, New Delhi, India 2016

Tanz im Winterthur, Switzerland 2016

Miami Art Week, 2017

Breaking 8 Festival, Caligary, Italy, 2017