CUT! is a series of video art works that extract the moving body from the performance stage, and relocate it onto the screen. The works employ the body’s vocabulary-in-motion in order to generate meaningful structures and alignments on the pixelated “canvas”. 

The live dancing bodies that were captured reappear as two-dimensional silhouettes. The act of “shearing” disrupts the functionality of the act of photography while simultaneously focusing our gaze on the characters through the prism of movement. Once the characters have been peeled and stripped of all external identifying indicators, all that is left is the body – its form and the way in which it moves.

All of the works are free of sound,  absorbing the acoustic landscape of the space in which they are situated.


DOP: Nitay Netzer

Dancers: Adi Boutrous, Almog David, Ofir Yudilevitch, Inbar Nemirovsky, Stav Struz, Andrea Costanzo Martini, Olivia Court Mesa

VFX & Motion Design: Omri Grossman Studio - Omri Grossman, Carmi Dror

Costumes: Adi (Didoo) Sharaby

Screens - Production and Technical Solutions: JB Systems - Jacob Binyamin.

Artistic Consultant: Yael Vons Jarzin

Production: Mishel Zrihan