The first series of Dance works for the screen, reflecting on and responding to the ever growing presence of digital screens in everyday life, that cast a shadow over the diminishing movement of the body in society. These works fill the screen’s flat illuminated surface with the eruptive movement of dance, graphics and color, where the screen becomes the modern day canvas.

These works are sound-free, allowing the works to integrate and become a part of the space in which they are shown. Real life offers the work an ever-changing soundtrack in real-time, supplied by architecture, human presence or any other soundscape present. 

The works employ footage of live dancing bodies, manipulating their image through another layer of “digital” choreography. Plays on the image include but are not limited to: shifting point of view, multiplication, layering of images in different translucent levels, digestion through re-projection and 
re-filming of layered realities (still and moving).

collaborating video Artist: Yaron Attar.